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July 13-16

Location: Strategic HR The Learning Center, Marathon Road
For more details… Phone: 242-449-7346‬


Ages 10 – 16
8:30am – 12:30pm



Ages 10 – 16
1pm – 5pm





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To provide a non-threatening environment for persons to create, to learn about and enhance their own abilities and to benefit from meaningful participation in a community designed just for them.
• Help participants connect with their inner selves as well as each other
• Expose participants to new things and get them a little out of their comfort zone
• To fill participants with the urge and ability to be creative
• To normalise thinking outside the box
• To encourage goal setting 
• Participants will establish their “art lane” and expand at their pace.
• Discovering Your Art – Participants will delve in to what art means to them through free artistic expression. This segment will allow them to freely express their vision and style of art.
• Skill Growth – Participants will push the envelope a bit and step outside of their comfort zone.
• Exploring colour – Participants will play with colour combinations to zero in on their favs and what speaks to them.
• Free Art – Participants will have the opportunity to express themselves artistically (with the previous segments considered)
• Presentation is Everything – Participants will explore ways to present their art to the public in ways that represent them as the artist.
• Speed Art – Participants will create art at a blazing pace absent thought of outside opinion.
• Art is to inspire the world – Participants will will get to share their art with the world with our online gallery.
• Think outside the Box – Creat art with what’s before you. (FUN)